Gentle Self-Hypnosis for Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

These sessions, with Nirlipta Tuli, offered in a variety of ways, are deeply relaxing and nourishing for pregnant women. 

Group sessions for late pregnancy
Tuesday and Thursday 19:00 to 19:45 UK time

Women in their third trimester, weeks 32-34 onwards may find these sessions particularly helpful.

Each session begins with a check in for each pregnant mum to see how they are. Women often have similar things occurring in their gestation and it is a reassuring part of this group work. (women regularly attend who live all over the world from Canada and the U.S. in one direction to New Zealand in the other as well as those residing in the U.K.).

The form that the gentle hypnosis takes is that of a mixture of formal hypnosis and Total Yoga Nidra, blending deep, reassuring relaxation, time for oneself and consistent hypnotic elements including an ongoing growth of the experience of self-hypnosis. Visualisations are integral to this process and bonding with the baby is part of the process too. There are guidelines which can be followed to practice by oneself as well as practical advice on being comfortable and safe as the gestation heads towards its terminus.

Cost and Booking

The cost of these sessions is £109.  You are then very welcome to attend as many sessions as you wish throughout your pregnancy. You are welcome to come to a session without charge to get a feel for how these sessions run (please see below). Women who are referred by midwives, doctors and obstetricians and who are financially struggling may attend on a subsidised basis. Please contact to arrange this. 

We will send an email with a link immediately when you have booked, so please check your inbox for this. (Please also check your 'junk' mail if you don't receive this). Please contact us immediately if you do not receive this email. If you have any questions about your booking please phone Virginia on +447738242867 (please note this phone is available before events and during office hours subject to availability).

Your due date
We will only use this date to help us determine how many active participants there might be (once your due date is over three weeks in the past we'll know not to be expecting your attendance anymore).
E.g., 04/11/2021