Renew, Restore, Affirm...

Re-connect to the inner teacher and know you are not alone!

Three Total Yoga Nidra practices for change-makers, campaigners, survivors and allies.

These practices are intended to restore the energy of change makers and campaigners and truth speakers, and to reconnect with the power of life herself to nurture change and growth. The first track encourages and affirms a connection to the guide of the inner teacher; the second track nurtures and nourishes the passion to make change, and the final track re-connects

to the collective, to nourish through a web of hearts. There is May dawn birdsong on all tracks, and it is particularly audible throughtou the final track, which welcomes all the voices to be heard!

  1. To Support Your Deep Connection to Your Inner Teacher (31.08)
  2. Nurture and Renew Your Passion for Transformation (20.36)
  3. You Are Not Alone (21.57)

These three Total Yoga Nidra Practices were recorded at dawn by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in a bus amongst Yew trees in the Cotswolds (Gloucestershire, England). There were initially exclusively released only to backers of the Yoni Shakti The Movement campaign to eradicate abuse of women in yoga: (May-June 2020).