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These brand new and fully online courses are based on material we have been teaching for many years: in yoga classes; on teacher training events; at workshops; and in one-to-one sessions. We developed them so that everyone who wants to can receive in our yoga nidra teaching, irrespective of their geographical location or the practicalities of their personal situation, and so that we can share the benefits of this wonderful practice with many more people than we can ever hope to reach in person.

Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience Online  is suitable for those who for whatever reason are unable to participate in our face to face courses. Also, as our online training material is more highly structured than our responsive, organic, face to face teaching style these courses are particularly suitable for students who appreciate a more linear, structured approach. Additionally, we feel online learning is a more appropriate medium for courses which harness the therapeutic applications of yoga nidra, where students are particularly encouraged to work at their own pace and to integrate the course material into their lives in accordance with their needs.

Each online course is built into its own part of the Yoga Nidra Network website. Here you can interact with the course materials online, or you can download them to study offline if that's your preference. You can begin your studies at any time, work through the material at your own pace, and revisit the course as often as you like. And as your access never expires you will also benefit from all future course developments.

To learn more about any particular course - including topics covered, materials provided, FAQs, student testimonials and the purchase process - just click on the course title in the table below.

There is always someone here to help you, so If you have any questions about our online learning, or if you need support during or after a course, please contact Anna Eleri at

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy studying with us!

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