Yoni Shakti

A Woman's Guide to Power and Freedom through Yoga and Tantra


Yoni Shakti - Revised and Updated Edition including brand new Author's Prologue with 'Author's Warning'.

Yoni Shakti is a radical book that explores the sexual politics of yoga and women’s spiritual transformation, encompassing yoga, sex, health and female spirituality. It is packed with fascinating history, real life stories, radical wild ideas and 500 illustrations for practice sequences to support women's health and well being throughout our lives.

The revised and updated edition of Yoni Shakti includes a lengthy new preface (over seventy pages) and previously censored material. The whole text has been revised to include recently uncovered information about abusive yoga teachers and organisations, and an updated decolonising bibliography. The chapter on Yoga Nidra and the ‘Note to Men, Transgender and Non-binary readers’ has been substantially edited to reflect developments since first publication. All the other practices and sections on yoga history and the philosophy of shakta tantra remain unaltered.

For Free Yoni Shakti yoga nidras, yoga sequences, chants and extracts from the book go the the Yoni Shakti Resources section.

If you are interested in the kindle/e-book version of this book, this is available for purchase here.

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Yoni Shakti and indeed all of what feels trite to describe as Uma’s ‘work,’ is a deep contribution to womanhood. Fundamental, liberating and returning, it’s the wisdom and embodiment we wish we’d been given as little girls. 

Jessica Huie, MBE, Author of PURPOSE, Find your truth and embrace your calling.


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