Songs for Yoga Babies CD

... & Relaxation for Mums

Audio CD 70 minutes of fun for mums and babes – do baby yoga and postnatal recovery yoga together.  Recorded live in a class of mothers and babies at Sitaram, this CD has loads of action songs and rhymes to sing with your baby whilst you do yoga together.

The words and actions are all on the inside cover of the CD. There is yogic humming and chanting to do with babies for a more calming practice at the end. The session closes with a deep relaxation practice for mums (or dads) to enjoy in a quieter moment. This is a hugely popular listen amongst our youngest students, who love to hear it over and over again.

  1. Roly-poly
  2. Little yogis
  3. Running song
  4. Jumping songs
  5. Open, close them
  6. Flying song
  7. Wind the bobbin up
  8. Horsey, horsey
  9. Rowing song
  10. Swinging song
  11. Aum chanting & bija mantras
  12. Full yogic breathing
  13. Inner silence meditation
  14. Deep relaxation

Suitable for babies from birth to one year.

Also available as MP3 download here.

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