Teach Yourself Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth

This lovely book offers expectant mothers – and their birth partners – and their yoga teachers – an effective and uniquely holistic guide to maximising their health and their spiritual and emotional wellbeing throughout pregnancy and beyond. It explains how the principles of yoga can be used to gain a deeper insight into the process of pregnancy, in addition to outlining practical instructions for simple exercises and breathing techniques allowing readers to create a yoga and breathing program that works uniquely for them. There are lots of clear diagrams and an accompanying audio, available to download for free here, enables readers to practice breathing exercises which are designed to help relax during pregnancy, manage labour pains, and recuperate with the baby after birth. There are useful pointers on further resources and an excellent brief guide to using yoga to help the immediate stages of postnatal recovery.

If you are interested in the kindle/e-book version of this book, this is available for purchase here.

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