Total Yoga Nidrā for the Peoples

Everyday yoga nidrā for your life, however you live it. Resourcing you to restore rhythmicity, through the simple practice of yogic rest.

An integrated online course to help you get the benefit of yoga nidrā in your life. Comprising a self-help selection of audio tracks and video chats. Thirteen audio tracks for every occasion, and seven short video chats to guide and support your practice of yoga nidrā. These audio tracks and the accompanying short video chats help you to make everyday use of simple yoga nidrā to improve sleep, support healthy digestion, and relieve stress. This course resources you to restore your rhythmic cycles of health and well-being.


Prepared with love and offered in solidarity
by Nirlipta Tuli and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
Co-Founders of the Yoga Nidrā Network
Resourcing you to restore rhythmicity.