Total Yoga Nidra Download

A selection of practices for everyday use

73 minutes of yoga nidra delivered by Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli to give you a choice of different yoga nidra experiences.

Yoga Nidra is everybody’s treasure. Literally it means ‘yoga sleep’, but in essence it is an awakening to the meditative heart of yoga, an effortless state of being that invites you to come home to yourself. In the state of yoga nidra the physical body rests, restores and revitalises, whilst the mental awareness is first guided, and then set free to access deep levels of healing and peace.

There are many different approaches to the practice of yoga nidra. In truth it is not really a practice at all, but a way of being. Total Yoga Nidra creatively utilises the most effective combinations of many different components of yoga nidra to invite you to experience states of resting awareness which are both healing and meditative. Enjoy!

How to use this Album...

Ideally, the practices are done lying down: so get comfortable, and warm enough to rest still and quiet for the length of your chosen track. We recommend a blanket to cover you, and a pillow or two, either just under your head, or also under the knees. If it’s not possible to lie down, you can do the practices sitting up, just be sure you are well supported and able to relax physically.

Each track can be done at any time of day that is convenient for you. Check out the ‘About the tracks’ information to match the tracks to the time of day. We recommend practicing every day for maximum, cumulative benefit. You can also listen to more than one track back to back if you like, for example, following track 3 with track 4 is very settling indeed... Happy listening!

About the tracks...

The selection of tracks on this album is intended to give you a choice of different yoga nidra experiences to suit different times of the day. Of course, you are welcome to use any track anytime it suits you best, but if you are interested in matching different types of yoga nidra to different needs at certain times of the day then here is our guidance:

Please note that these are all ‘live’ recordings, which actually capture the feel and energy of a completely responsive nidra that is fully focused on the person receiving it. Most yoga nidra recordings are scripted and read in a recording studio and so they can feel a little ‘dead’ or over- rehearsed. These tracks are authentic deliveries, unscripted and straight from the heart. They are full of positive vibrations, and the occasional sound of birds singing. Our very wonderful sound engineer has treated the original live recordings to ensure they are easy to hear, but the fully ‘live and direct’ quality of the tracks make each one very special and unique.

Track 1 (Dawn Nidra) was recorded at dawn by a stream in the Dolomites, and is intended to be an awakening practice that is great to do first thing in the morning, or anytime when you need a brief nidra to leave you feeling refreshed and alive. The practice was delivered very close to a stream, near a farm, so you can hear the water and the cocks crowing in the background. (female voice – Uma Dinsmore-Tuli)

Track 2 (Awakening and reconnecting to the source of vitality) is an intimate recording, designed to be done in the morning, or at any time of day when you feel the need for a practice to energise and revitalise. The voice is recorded very close to you, and this practice works very well when done in bed, just after you wake up, or perhaps in the afternoon if you need a boost of energy. This was recorded in a one-to-one yoga session, and you can hear the birds in the trees outside the studio. (female voice – Uma Dinsmore-Tuli)

Track 3 (Stairway to healing) is a longer practice recorded in our yoga studio. It’s purpose is to invite you to enter a state of deeply healing rest. The healing on this track works at all dimensions of being, not just the physical body, but also at the level of your vitality, your emotional state and your psyche too. It is deeply relaxing, and can be used at any time of day, but do bear in mind you might not feel much like rushing about afterwards. (male voice - Nirlipta Tuli)

Track 4 (Sleep well yoga nidra) is a brief sleep-entry yoga nidra practice recorded in the middle of the night by an ex-insomniac (Nirlipta). It is intended to help you drift off to sleep, and can be used either at the beginning of a night’s sleep, or in the middle of the night if you wake up. You can also use it for an afternoon nap. Uniquely, amongst the tracks, this recording does not include an instruction to ‘wake up’ at the end. This is because it’s a ‘sleep’ nidra, and we hope you will be able to rest very well indeed after you hear it. (male voice - Nirlipta Tuli)

Please note this is an MP3 DOWNLOAD, not a physical CD.  Also available as physical CD here