Yoni Shakti The Preface

The Preface from A Woman's Guide to Power and Freedom through Yoga and Tantra

Updated Yoni Shakti Prologue 

Read the brand new, uncensored update and complete corrections of Yoni Shakti. You’ll receive a beautiful downloadable PDF of the brand new prologue to the revised and uncensored reprint. This prologue will give you all the new material if you already have Yoni Shakti edition 1.

Yoni Shakti is a radical book that explores the sexual politics of yoga and women’s spiritual transformation, encompassing yoga, sex, health and female spirituality. It is packed with fascinating history, real life stories, radical wild ideas and 500 illustrations for practice sequences to support women's health and well being throughout our lives. 

If you are interested in the kindle/e-book version of the whole book, this is also available for purchase here.