Wild Nidra

Intuitively guided Total Yoga Nidra meditations in Nature

An Album of live recordings by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD
Experience the rejuvenating power of resting quietly, listening, on the Earth. These live recordings of Uma’s intuitively guided Wild Yoga Nidra Meditations in Nature celebrate our embodied connection to the planet we inhabit. The practices are recorded at different times of day and night in the woods, and by rivers, springs and streams, with birds, otters, crickets and many other creatures joining in the special soundscape. They are intended to provide an auditory landscape in which you can drop deeper into the moment of being at home to yourself, welcome here on this Earth.

  1. Present in the physical body (with shrutibox and river). Re- corded early morning by the river Pera in Portugal, with otters and blackbirds.
  2. To Nourish every dimension of being (with Sansula and river). Recorded early morning by the river Pera in Portugal, with ot- ters and blackbirds.
  3. Women’s Wild Nidra: Streams of Life into the Womb. Record- ed early morning by streams running towards the River Frome in Heavenswood, Stroud. Gloucestershire UK.
  4. River Flow Elemental Nidra. Recorded in the evening time by the river Pera in Portugal.
  5. Morning snowfall nidra. Recorded in the morning after a spring snowfall in Wiltshire, on a women’s yoga retreat.

Edited by Philippe Beer Gabel