Yoni Nidra

Total Yoga Nidra for Women’s Health

A selection of nourishing meditative practices to promote cervical wellness, and vaginal, ovarian and womb health, recorded by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD
Welcome home into the safe house of your own body. This collection of practices invites the healing presence of loving acceptance, respect and awareness to travel through, and rest within the entire female body. There are many different routes along which the awareness is invited to travel. The intention of all the practices is to become comfortably at home within our own bodies, and to bring healing and kindness to every part, including the whole of the Yoni (the Sanskrit word for ‘homecoming’, and for the whole of the vulva, vagina, clitoris and cervix). These practices are intended to promote the self-acceptance and love that encourages optimal menstrual health, fertility and positive experience of menopause. They are suitable for women at all stages of life, and also for girls approaching puberty.

This collection includes some more general practices, with gentle guidance around the energy pathways in the female body, and some with more explicitly detailed instructions describing awareness visiting the labia, clitoris, vagina, cervix and inside the womb. Choose which ever practices suit you best for this time in your life, and explore the healing power of welcoming love and awareness into the yoni.

Many of these YONI NIDRA practices work well in combination with the breath and Movement practices described in my book Yoni Shakti.

Note for women without wombs and/or ovaries:
the quality of energy associated in yoga with the places where these organs may be remains the same, whether or not the organs are present. If the organ of the womb or the ovaries
has been removed, then the quality of the yonisthana (place
of the yoni energy) remains present, and can be nourished by these practices that bring awareness into the space previously occupied by the organs. Yoni Nidra is nourishing whether or not you have a womb.

Welcome home! Inviting the deep presence of healing love and welcome in the body
YONI NIDRA PREPARATORY PRACTICE (HeartWomb Breath) – Breathing love from the heart down into the womb
Letting Go and Being Held (Honouring and nourishing the female vessel) Recorded live in a women’s yoga retreat training in Portugal
YONI NIDRA by the river. Bringing love into the source. (yonisthana). Recorded live by the river Pera in Portugal.
Intimate Geography. Inviting loving acceptance and respect into every part of the yoni.
YONI NIDRA triangles and diamonds. A simple meditative practice of Prana Vidya: inviting awareness of energy in many streams in the body.
YONI NIDRA Breathing Sacred Triangles and diamonds in the body. A longer meditative practice of Prana Vidya: inviting awareness of energy to flow fully in many streams in the body.