The Complete Series for the Liberation of Energy Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of this trio of simple, refined and powerful practices to vitalise and nourish every dimension of being.  There are three different but connected videos, each one based on a similar series of physical movements, but with a different ’story’ that changes the emphasis and the effect of the practices upon the physical body, the vital energies flowing in that body, the state of mind and heart, and the intuitive awareness and connection to life.  Any single one of the individual video practices stands alone, and each one also connects to the other two, because they share some key elements. They look similar on the outside, but the verbal instructions create subtle differences in effect and purpose, as the individual descriptions below reveal. 

I have created this series of practices by integrating and improving upon a number of different approaches to similar techniques that I have enjoyed practising over many years.  The basic series of physical movements synthesise five different approaches to mobilising the physical body and its energies: the first is Mukunda Stiles’ Joint Freeing Series, from his excellent Structural Yoga Therapy book, which is in turn inspired by the Bihar School of Yoga’s series of movements that liberate the principle of change, or Pawanamuktasana (PMA) as taught in the Bihar School or Yoga (also known as Satyananda Yoga).  I have learnt similar movements that are also taught in Shadow Yoga, in Chi Gung and in martial arts warm-ups.  

These videos are a unique combination and development of all these diverse approaches, and each video offers a subtly different way to encounter these effective systems of mobilising and vitalising the body.  Each video is described individually beneath.

Thank you for watching. With great respect & love, Uma X

Video One: Breath as the wind blowing through the land of the body 

Welcoming the breath of life into the land of your body: a series of movements and breath to awaken healing vitality and to promote ease of movement in every dimension of being

Just as the wind moves through the landscape, so the instructions in this video focus attention upon the sound and sensation of the breath as it moves through the body, bringing the vital energies to every part of the body and enlivening energy, lifting mood and nourishing easeful movement.