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Friday 9th - Sunday 11th October 2020 Including live online total yoga-nidra in your bed, and morning sleep and dream shares. Everybody welcome! If you want to sleep better, dream clearer, remember your dreams and awaken refreshed and inspired, then this is the retreat for you! 

If you want to sleep better, dream clearer, remember your dreams and awaken refreshed and inspired, then this is the retreat for you! 

We invite you to join our welcoming friendly virtual circle of belonging for sleepers and dreamers. Everyone is warmly welcome  

You will learn to use Total Yoga Nidra to deepen your own special relationship with dream and sleep so that you can wake up fully refreshed and inspired. 

This course will share practical techniques to support a friendly relationship with sleep and an intimacy with dream and creative process. 

If you you want to sleep better or have clearer  dreams - please join us on this retreat because we will teach you how to welcome sleep and dream each night through Total Yoga Nidra. 

Put on your pyjamas, make a nice night time drink and settle into bed ready to to Total Yoga Nidra with Uma and Nirlipta.

The awaken refreshed to share your dream and sleep experiences with our welcoming circle of belonging - 

There will be : 

  • At least 2 Night time practices of Total Yoga Nidra to help you drift off to sleep, and to help you return to sleep if you awaken in the night. (Friday and Saturday Night_
  • 2 Morning Dreamshare and Sleepshare circles and pairs to support your integration of the night time experiences. 
  • Co-creative Total Yoga Nidras for integration
  • Total Yoga Nidra for inspiration and dream incubation.

Practical guidance on sleep cycling, dream journalling, circadian and ultradian rhythms, and how to live-stream inspiration from the sleep and dream states, tapping into inspiration and healing direct from the source.

This retreat has 10 hours of live online contact from Friday evening til Sunday lunchtime. Approximately 6 - 7  of these hours will be uniquely created Total Yoga Nidra practices for this retreat. 

Join us because Total Yoga Nidra can help reconnect you to the source of your wellbeing and creativity through sleep and dream.

Join us because Total Yoga Nidra can help you remember how to love sleeping and dreaming deeper.

Join us because Total Yoga Nidra can support your own rediscovery of the joy of sleep and dream! 


If you have ever been to sleep, join us on this retreat - sleep and dream well together in our online circle of belonging! 


Friday 9th October - Sunday 11th October 
Friday night, 8 til 10pm
Saturday morning, 9am til 12  oon
Saturday night, 8pm -10pm
Sunday morning, 8am til 11am

October 9th, 2020 8:00 PM   to   October 11th, 2020 11:00 AM
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This retreat is offered at a cost of £108.

This is inclusive of audio recordings of all practices shared during the retreat.

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This retreat is onlie via zoom. 

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